Yes/OKNoData (please provide details)Topic


OO_____Model year
OO_____Who sells the car? Official AM dealer (other dealer / private)?
OO_____Number of pre owners
OO_____Talk to preowner possible?
OO_____EU certified lights (E-mark)
OO_____Leuchtweitenregulierung (main lights beam distance control)


OO_____Owner's manual / maintenance manual language
OO_____VIN / e.number ex* (in Owners Manual)
OO_____VIN (under lower edge of windscreen) I I XI
OO_____VIN (front of engine bay) I I XI
OO_____VIN (stamped on the floorplan in the RH footwell) I I XI
OO_____Gearbox number (LH side) Workshop Manual I I XII
OO_____Engine number (LH side) Workshop Manual I I XII
OO_____HPI Check (TÜV)
OO_____Aston Martin Warranty on the car?
OO_____Aston Martin (Extended) Warranty on the car?
OO_____140 points check + inspection + extended warranty OK?
OO_____1yr dealer warranty on the car? (Private seller isn't liable for warranty)


OO_____Scratch marks
OO_____Scratch protectors at rear arches
OO_____Scratch protectors front
OO_____front grille immaculate?
OO_____underbody protection status
OO_____wheel housings
OO_____Rust (corrosion) around the door handles, trailing and leading edge of the rear arches, around the seam of the rear window basically anywhere you see a slight bubbling get that dealt with as part of the deal. Check for stone chips on the sills especially in front of the rear arches.
OO_____parking sensors front
OO_____parking sensors rear
OO_____LED for door handles (07+)
OO_____rear lights: LED or bulbs
OO_____lights: all working? includes interior, rear interior, footwell, dashboard, centre console and license plate lights, door handles, brake, fog, and reverse
OO_____condition of fuel tank inlet and flap

Check suspension, brakes and tyres

OO_____brakes (disks, calipers)
OO_____Tyre tread
OO_____Tyre brand, type (check against owners manual 13.6), age
OO_____Check the date stamp of the emergency tyre inflation fluid, it does expire, I had mine changed.
OO_____winter tires
OO_____condition of alloy rims (outside and inside)
OO_____condition of tires
OO_____brakes / disks: worn out? squeaks?
OO_____brake pads condition >= 5mm of friction material?
OO_____shock absorbers oil drips
OO_____spring coils condition


OO_____coils (70.000km? replacement) Old coils and spark plugs can cause issues
OO_____plugs (70.000km? replacement)
OO_____The big service is at 7 years or 70,000 miles which requires a plug change which requires removal of the inlet manifold which requires gaskets which are expensive.

Drivetrain and exhaust (if not covered elsewhere)

OO_____stainless steel exhaust

Known issues

OO_____color chipping at front grille (original 7 louvre)
OO_____leaking gear box oil cooler system (removed with switch to stainless steel)
OO_____stainless steel gear box
OO_____Check an updated stainless steel gearbox oil cooler system has been fitted - the pipework/cooler connections in early cars were prone to oil leaks due to corrosion.
OO_____Minor oil leaks from the front timing chain cover (drips on under tray, not on garage floor)
OO_____Passenger doors failing to lock with the remote key fob have been a recurring problem in the DB9 and V8 Vantage (Faulty batch of door modules)
OO_____2 fobs and 3 x keys (a valet one)
OO_____Drivetrain software updates done (2005 DB9: Symptom: With 'Drive' engaged, foot on brake and car stopped (like while stuck in traffic) there is a periodic and fairly frequent shudder that I feel, much like a rough idle. But there's also a bit of noise that accompanies it that seems to come from somewhere below the car, possibly in the area of the torque tube or driveshaft. Shifting to 'Neutral' alleviates the problem leading me to believe it's not an engine misfire or idle problem. I believe the symptoms are the same while stopped with 'Reverse' engaged.)
OO_____Rear screen heater implosion software update?
OO_____Linn audio system installed? minus since often causes issues
OO_____Radio frequencies in FM .2, .4, .6, .8 ?

What to look for

OO_____Inspect the door rubber seal, I got mine changed before I bought it as it allowed wind noise in.
OO_____Check the rear lights for any sign of water ingress (beads of condensation) got some on mine on the end that wraps onto the side of the car.
OO_____Water in boot (known issue for Vantages)? Check below carpet. If yes: check rubber boot sealings, tubes at rear of back shield glass, check rear light assembly and sealing.
OO_____After five years the warranty becomes somewhat restrictive and covers no electrical items so check them all. Take a few CD's with you and test the CD changer and make sure all is well.
OO_____Physical condition of battery (corrosion)
OO_____Condition of battery compartment (corrosion)


OO_____pre-purchase inspection by a specialist
OO_____Follow Owners Manual checklist A.2-A.8
OO_____OBD error message readout

Check for Rust

OO_____Door hinges
OO_____Door locks
OO_____Motor suspension
OO_____Exhaust flanges
OO_____Motor sensor tubes

Check for Oil drips

OO_____Spring soils (see above)


OO_____2+2 seating
OO_____Look for chipping of the paint on the centre console and door handles. I got mine refinished as part of the deal.
OO_____Cruise control
OO_____Electrical seats
OO_____Memory seats
OO_____power fold mirrors (press both mirror keys; lock car)
OO_____Two stage seat heating
OO_____Windscreen heating front / rear
OO_____Tyre pressure sensors(optional)
OO_____Lamy Pen and Pen holder (manual gear shift only)
OO_____Carpets (presence of rugs/overmats, condition on underside, condition of carpet below, binding)
OO_____Condition of carpet in boot
OO_____Condition of leather
OO_____Condition of stitching
OO_____Condition of dashboard trimming
OO_____Condition of roof trimming
OO_____battery condition (acid caused corrosion)
OO_____battery condition (see P1-20 in ODB Manual): >=12.5 OK; Charging test: run at 2000 rpm w/ headlamps on >=13.8V
OO_____IPod connector
OO_____USB Connector
OO_____AUX In
OO_____Bluetooth telephone
OO_____GSM Telephone
OO_____Radio FM range/frequencies steps (see above)
OO_____Audio system incl. 6CD autochanger: Linn 128W (standard), 260W, 950W, other
OO_____anti theft/ disabling (for ferry)
OO_____Sat Nav maps / age
OO_____Keys and remote control (number)
OO_____Arm rest (version)
OO_____Powerfold Mirrors (option)
OO_____Heated front windscreen (option)


OO_____battery conditioner
OO_____tools (including allen wrench for roof if volante)
OO_____towing eye
OO_____water in boot (see above)?
OO_____tyre fit (see above)?
OO_____Boot umbrella
OO_____Fire extinguisher (presence, expiry date)

Test drive

OO_____engine oil level
OO_____engine oil make and type according to paper flag
OO_____gearbox oil level (Transmission and gearbox are filled for lifetime; replacement only needed if oil drips present)
OO_____washer fluid liquid
OO_____Creeping fwd OK?
OO_____creeping backwards with steering wheel fully turned: Does engine stall?
OO_____Exhaust flaps opening at 3000-4000 rpm?
OO_____Fuse 22 pulled? Exhaust flaps working when Fuse 22 installed?
OO_____engine stalls?
OO_____smooth gear shift?
OO_____hand brake working OK on incline?
OO_____door locks working properly?
OO_____wind noise / wind entering cabin
OO_____rattling from trunk, passenger cabin front or back / engine area / gearbox
OO_____windscreen washer / main light washer working?
OO_____condition of windscreen wipers
OO_____Full breaking at 140 km/h: Car must keep direction. No turning left or right, no shattering from wheels.

UK Import

OO_____Indicators / Wipers location matching?
OO_____Light pattern for driving right
OO_____Fog light at correct side for D: middle or left side
OO_____V5C original document (=Fahrzeugbrief)
OO_____CoC issued in country of first use (für normale ยง29-Abnahme + Abgas otherwise Vollabnahme in D)