Histogram V2.2

Please paste your data to the textbox below
(2 columns; 1st column: sieve width [µm], 2nd column: residual weight on each screen [g])
If you're using data with decimals please use a dot (not a comma) between the integer and the decimal fraction. You might want to paste the data directly from your NeoOffice or Excel sheet. If you want to type in the data manually, use a tab to separate the two columns in each line. (Caution, depending on your browser the tab might not insert a tab stop but change the focus to the next input field or hyperlink)
Make sure you start with the pan (=0µm) in line 1. Please also assure that the last (=widest) screen has no powder left on it (ideal situation) or just a minor portion (in the range of around 3% of the overall powder mass). Don't use any captions for the columns; just plain data.

use slash (/) as separator instead of Tab in above textbox
Diagram subtitle
X-Axis starting value µm
X-Axis end value µm
X-axis tick interval µm

Y-axis max value %/µm

cumulative undersize
cumulative oversize

Change history
V2.2 28.Sep.2010 allowed to use slash (/) instead of Tab as separator in data field. This allows easier manual data input since most browsers change focus when Tab key is pressed inside the data area.
V2.1 27.Sep.2010 y-axis max value now can be set by user to avoid bars from exceeding upper end of diagram. Additional force refresh added.
V2.0 introduced 17.Jun 2010 use dot added, dot and tab highlighted, diagram now forced to refresh instead of being possibly reloaded from cache, x axis end value default increased to 1250, cumulative undersize checked by default

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