Windscreen wiper change (raise wipers to vertical)

Older cars w/o ECU key:
Press buttons 8 & 9 on console key pad simultaneously and turn ignition key to position II.
Remove key
Return wipers to normal position: Turn ignition to Pos II
Newer cars w/ ECO key: Press 2 & 6 together, then insert ECU.

Priming Engine with oil after e.g. long term storage

Insert Key, switch to position 1.
Push gas pedal to the bottom
Switch key to pos 2
push start engine button. The enginerevolves, but does not ignite. Let engine rotate for some seconds.

Depress engine start button, switch key back to position 0.

Change Temperature units C vs F

Press and hold in buttons 4 and 5 (A), of the centre stack key pad, while turning the ignition key from position I through to position II.

Display Units (km / miles)

Press "Read" button on center console and button on left stalk together for 5 seconds to change the trip computer display units.

Reprogramming seats

...after Battery Disconnect Switch (BDS) had been pressed
Lift rear seat cushion, press yellow Battery Connect Switch (BCS)
For each front seat do:
-Pull seat button fully forward plus 1-2 seconds, then release
-Pull seat button fully upwards (front) plus 1-2 seconds, then release
-Pull seat button fully upwards (rear) plus 1-2 seconds, then release
Do not sit on seats while reprogramming!

Reset Service indicator light

Turn the Ignition off
Press and hold "T1/T2" and "Read" button on center console simultanously.
Turn Ignition on (Pos. II).
Triangle goes on, then off.
Wait for Triangle to blink 3 times, then release buttons exactly AT 3rd BLINK.
Message should disappear; if not, repeat procedure.
Hints: If the above doesn't work: Keep doors closed, Radio off and switch off bluetooth on your cellphone.

Exhaust bypass

Fuse 22 in trunk: Exhaust by-pass valve and vacuum pump
Pull fuse to have valves always open

Door lock failures

Severals faults of the door lock mechanism were reported and some of them resulted in replacement of the dool lock modules, with sometimes questionable results. So before getting into time- and cash consuming replacements try the following:
If your doors either don't lock or don't unlock evenly on both sides via key fob: Get into car, use the door lock button in the center console to lock and unlock the car. Try couple of times if needed and change scenarios (e.g. get into car, leave doors open, then activate center console switch (lock doors) or get into car, lock with key fob, then unlock with center console switch).


Insuring an Aston Martin is not a simple thing. Many insurances refuse to cover such a "high risk" (= non mainstream) car, others charge a fortune, others have strong limitations e.g. on mileage, qualification of driver, other drivers, car storage etc. But there are some insurance brokers that in deed do cover the car for a reasonable price. A DB9 can be insured e.g. by via OCC, Lübeck, Germany (i'm not affilliated in any way with OCC nor do i get any commission). If you go for "Saisonkennzeichen" (e.g. March - Oct) you can save approx. 50% on the fee compared to 12 month. If yo do not intend to drive the car in winter, this is a pretty convenient option.

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