Various instructions

mainly around assembly/disassembly

Removing upper center console (SatNav and PRND button piece)

This part is fastened by just 4 clips. Use a pricking tool and insert between vertical center console plate that holds the radio display and the upper center fascia. Try one side first, then other side. If that rear facing part is loose, lift that end slightly (approx. 2-3cm), use a priicking tool at the side of the fascia approx. 10 cm rear of front corner. Try one side first, then the other. Afterwards the fascia trim panel can be moved back- and slightly upwards for some centimeters only since the pushbutton cables are not long enough. Disconnect them (tiny fingers appreciated) right behing the pushbuttons. The original SatNav will be not be affected at all. However the modified SatNav unit will be lifted together with the fascia trim panel.

Removing center console

This describes how to remove the center console (from saddle between the rear seats till radio)

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